Saturday, February 13, 2010

treasure hunting

out this morning treasure hunting in my local op it! found lots of goodies...these lovely handmade ceramic bowls for 20c each, pretty embroidered blouse for future projects, old kitchen knife/thingy (love the patina of old kitchen utensils), some curtain lace pieces, a bright sheet I will use to cover the chairs on my verandah which are becoming a bit worse for wear, books, some dvds, some clothes, old cutlery, magazines, a wooden thingy (not sure what it is but I like the shape and patina), and of course some buttons...I always come home with buttons from my op shop forays! luckily my son is at his father's today or I'd get the usual comment as I walk in the door laden with goodies..."and where are you going to put that crap mum?!!!"... they just don't understand!

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Erica said...

Hi Kerrie, I've just started following your blog as a fellow ATASDA member :)
the wooden knife - does it have a very thick blade? it looks like an oyster opener, I have my dad's old one which looks very similar.
I'm loving your favourite things book.