Sunday, March 7, 2010

favourite things again

this time it's the colour red. it's been my favourite colour forever. my eye is attracted to it wherever I go and often features in photos I take...imagine walking the streets of Shanghai at new year's.....mmmm red everywhere. I was immediately attracted to Carolyn's blog Love Stitching Red...with a name like that how could I not?! I've joined a group on Flickr that features photos which are predominantly red. you can find it on my Flickr profile. I have lots of red objects in my home and I have a red lounge (it's called china red!), a red kilim we brought home from Turkey, lots of red fabric.....the list goes on. maybe I should do a blog entry on red in my home...

what's your favourite colour?


Deborah said...

Nice! I think I read somewhere that red is considered to be a lucky color.


My favourite colour?

Mmmmmmm ... have to think about that one ... ;o)

So happy you like my blog. As you know I wander off but always come back to my reds. Red all year round ... oh yes! I see red everywhere and look for it. Guess it's my rosy tinted view of life!

Have a wonderful day
Carolyn xx