Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anzac Day

the end of a beautiful and moving day
the Australian trenches

today is Anzac Day in Australia. I have to admit that until my son and I travelled to Gallipoli in 2008 I hadn't felt much connection to this part of our Australian history. that visit, however, was deeply moving even though at that time I didn't think we had any direct relatives involved with the campaign. Gallipoli is a significant site for Australians and Turks and both countries were involved in a war they didn't want to be in. the loss of life was staggering. to realise that if he had been born in another time my son could have been part of the losses which many Australian mothers endured was very scary. I felt real grief whilst I sat in the Australian cemetery looking out to the Aegean sea - such a beautiful place which has seen such horrible outcomes for so many young men. here are two of my favourite photos from that day when I learnt and felt so much....

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Kris Henderson said...

Thank you for sharing this. Although I had heard of Anzac Day I really did not know what it represented at all...
Having two sons of my own, I feel and share your deep emotions.