Sunday, November 20, 2011

have you discovered madeit? I'm pretty sure you have but just in should head over and check out all the aussie handmade goodies, all ready just in time for xmas.
 I opened my little shop on madeit a few months ago and there are some very clever australian artists and crafters selling lots of wonderful things
now...listen up...madeit is running a choose handmade xmas campaign and that has to be a good thing. buy aussie handmade goodies for all your loved ones this year and know that your gift is made with love. you could buy one of my purses or brooches....or you could browse through madeit and find that special gift all without leaving home. now what could be better than that?!
and if you would like to make your own gifts for xmas why not check out madeit's sister craftumi where you will find everything you need in craft supplies
so much fun....!

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