Thursday, February 9, 2012

new tools

last post I told you about the new camera. here's another little snapshot.....I am really loving this camera. so much to explore, so many photos to take!
and I now have another new toy oops! tool. I needed to buy a new laptop - my old one was slowly and painfully dying. so last weekend we went shopping. I came home with a desktop rather than a laptop....change number one. I have always used a pc - always. period. I came home with a mac....I didn't go with the intention to buy a mac. I was going to buy another pc. but oh my look at the iMac and I was gone....big time!
lovely large screen, amazing clarity, great workhorse for photography.
but using a mac is somewhat different to using a pc - obviously! it's not like getting out of a holden and hopping into a ford and off you drive. no. I have spent the week finding my way around and gazing at the lovely BIG screen...and the clarity of my photos....anyway it's taken quite a few days to sort through resizing photos so I can post here. not sure if I've got it right but there's a photo up there! that's a start!

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