Tuesday, May 22, 2012

take time to just be.....

sometimes in our busy lives we need to stop and take time. 
time to unwind, time to reflect, time to be with those we love, time to just take a step away from what is difficult. last night I did that. 
my son started his university degree this year. in visual arts. just like his Mum did many years ago. who would have thought?! I'm so proud of him and am thrilled to watch him developing as an artist. thrilled to offer suggestions when I can. thrilled to visit galleries together, discuss art and talk about this common interest. thrilled to help along the way when I can. and inspired to create.
but last night I was thrilled to be his helper (and official photographer!). it was just what I needed to do at this time. below you can see photos of his 3D work which he is ready to present for marking this week. I may be a bit biased....but....I think this work is just gorgeous. and last night was so peaceful as we lit the candles and put this work together to photograph.
just what I needed in so many ways

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