Sunday, October 28, 2012

melbourne street art

we are back from our Melbourne sojourn and had the most wonderful time. so much to see and do and of course we didn't do it we'll have to go back!
one of the highlights of our week was the street art tour we took with an artist from Blender Studios. we had discovered some street art on our own - it's hard to miss in Melbourne as there is so much of it - but you don't necessarily discover all the little back lanes and alley ways where a lot of the really good stuff is. and it's great to get the inside knowledge from someone working on the streets.....literally. at the end of the tour we went back to the studio and got to look around and talk to some other artists working there whilst indulging in a little drink! perfect. if you're in Melbourne and interested in street art I'd highly recommend Melbourne Street Art Tours click on the link to go have a look at their website
 closeup details - great colours
a wall of Blender Lane. one of the best spots, rich with art

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