Sunday, May 19, 2013


hello. I've been absent from here for such a long time. why? I'm not really sure. I look at my blog every day - it's my home page after all - and think I must write something or post a few pictures, but don't. is it the lure of instagram and Facebook which are so immediate and a quick fix? ...maybe. will my blog continue? at this point in time I can't really answer that. I waiver from yes it must go on, to no it's had it's day, time to move on.....
for now I'm still here but there's so much to do and fit in to every day. and that's a good thing. lots of creativity, lots of inspiration, lots of fun. good things. 
I'm feeling so inspired by photography at the moment. it's a passion I've always had. my new camera and gear are steering me in new directions. there's so much to explore and it's so much fun.
here's a few shots from recent days. straight out of the camera. no adjustments or filters. macro, love.
it's nice to be back xx


Anonymous said...

Hi kerrie - wow these pics are fabulous. I particularly love the close up of the lichen covererd twig its just beautiful! By the way i wandered herre from your craftumi store - my store there has long since lapsed at the moment. I like blogs over instant things I find them more personal :) natalie (cat and bird craftumi)

Kerrie said...

Hi Natalie, thanks for dropping by. I'm afraid my blog is quite neglected of late - too many things on the boil! Kerrie