Thursday, September 24, 2009

a close-up moment

a couple of interesting photos I took yesterday morning. can you guess what they are? little pillows of....? I wish I had a high powered microscope....


Chrisy said...

Nice blog...have no idea what these pics are of!

aykayem said...

pollen perhaps?
or some weird salty/etc stuff crystalising?

actually, after zooming in (and confirmed after noticing the name of that image ;-) I think my first guess is right ... and if you wanted it to be a challenge maybe you shouldn't have actually left the photo's name in there? LOL

very pretty stuff isn't it? ;-)

Kerrie said...

silly me!!! yes it is mould on some food scraps that had been sitting in the chook's scrap bucket a little too long! I love the colours and the cloud like growth. good guess!