Tuesday, August 9, 2011

we had fun

my son is currently doing his HSC and one of his subjects is visual art. he's very interested in street art - banksy, shepard faiery.....- so his works are based on this interest and the impact of big companies in third world countries....one in particular that makes a certain drink marketed all over the world. last sunday we took his art to the streets.....well the streets of our litlle part of the world. we photographed them in various places and I think they look great. next step......a small intimate exhibition in an interesting building in our street.....i'll keep you posted! here's some photos from sunday.

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Sherry Richert Belul said...

Kerrie, I just "met" you through Kelly Rae's class. I read this post of yours and felt so HAPPY for you/your son. Happy that he has a mother who sees him and supports him. Happy that you have a son with whom to share color and art and life. I don't know ... I just felt such joy at this post. :-)