Sunday, January 31, 2010

back to work

this week it was back to work for me.....but I did manage to finish off this piece for a round robin textile exchange creating a toran - called Passages of Intrigue - that I am involved in with other ATASDA members. this is my piece for Marj. I also received my own work back this week and I am so thrilled with the work that the members of my group did on it. I will show you some photos over the next few weeks...I now have to put it all together. During my summer holidays I also worked on this small book which I completed a little at a time in between gardening...these photos show the cover and first pages. I purchased the book and it had six page spreads in it with a pocket on each left page. so I decided to call it six of my favourite things...given that my favourite number is six. my first favourite thing is stitching...surprise, surprise!!! stayed tuned for further photos. hope your week was good!

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