Wednesday, March 7, 2012

my church

I love old churches and in particular I love this one which is just up the road from my place. I love that I've known this building for such a long time. when I was a little girl I went to sunday school here, and I used play the organ (at least I would attempt to play!) when my Mum was cleaning the church. it's also where my son was christened when he was a baby. it used to sit in a different spot from where it is now, but many years ago a new highway was being built right through the middle of where the church was. so the church was carefully moved to it's new home not too far from where it was....but now closer to us. I love to photograph it at different times of the day, especially late in the afternoon when the sun is golden on it's walls and shining through the stained glass windows. and I love to wander in it's small yard especially in autumn....which is hopefully coming soon. do you have a special place or building that's a part of who you are? I'd love to hear about it.....

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