Sunday, April 15, 2012

light fantastic

we have been away tripping the light fantastic....last weekend we spent three days dancing away at Bluesfest. so. much. fun. yet again we discovered some musicians we haven't heard of before and they were amazing. we also got to see some of our favourites from previous years and they were just as fabulous again. 
let me give you a little tip....if you haven't heard of Trombone Shorty you should look him up. he is a young New Orleans musician who has a big future ahead of him. we saw him last year and were blown away by his music. you can imagine we were very excited when we heard he was coming back this year. his performances are energetic and full of great music {....and he's a little bit cute to look at too!}
whilst at Bluesfest we saw lots of kids and adults playing with balls at night that changed colour. very pretty. so I had to buy some and a couple of nights ago we had a little play with them and the 7D. still have some tweaking to do with exposures, apertures etc but it was lots of fun.
what do you think?

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