Sunday, April 1, 2012

hello autumn

peace, quiet and rest is her message
tired scenery heeds her call
this gracious lady is Autumn
loveliest season of them all
{Pamela Summers}
 I know that officially autumn began last month but here on the north coast it's only just starting to cool down a little, so I'm celebrating this week
autumn is absolutely my favourite time of year. cool nights for sleeping, lovely days for getting out and about, and beautiful light for photography 
 but this year I'm missing beautiful liquid amber leaves. the turn of colour on the liquid amber leaves always told me that things were cooling down and winter was on it's way. but last year I had to have it cut down along with two large gums in my yard. they were just too dangerous and I hated holding my breath every time a storm came waiting for them to drop their branches on the now we are safer but I do miss their lovely leaves.
lucky I took lots of photos of them over the years...

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