Monday, October 17, 2011

monday memories

many many years ago I took these photos. my Dad was still alive, I was still training to be a teacher, I was learning about photography, I was taking most of my photos as slides
 close to where I live (then and now) there was a match factory....yes they made match sticks. these trees - poplars - were grown specifically for the factory to make the matches.
 I drove past these plantations late in the afternoon and the light was great....golden. the clouds were beautiful.
 I took lots of snaps, not knowing if any would be OK....way before digital photography where it's so easy to edit on the spot.
with anticipation I waited for my slides to be developed...that was so much a part of the process and excitement of photography back then.
I loved these photos then and I still love them today. every time I look at them they remind me of my Dad....he thought they were pretty cool! they remind me of that time and the wonder of light, expectation and creating things to remember. they remind me that photography is not just about the here and's timeless and can create a legacy for the future.
what do you remember today....I'd love to know.

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