Wednesday, October 5, 2011

wednesday words

if you've been reading along here this week you may have noticed that each day has had a little bit of aliteration ......ooohh that's a big word (hope I spelt it right!). i've been thinking long and hard about what to write each day and thought I would have a theme for each day.....yesterday driving home from brisbane I came up with a title for each day of the week but I have to say Wednesday had me stumped for a while. wednesday  wonders...aah no; wednesday  weekdays.....nope; wonderful wednesday......nope; wednesday  wobblies......mmmm maybe....nope. and a whole lot of others I can't even remember now, but eventually wednesday words seemed right and so this is what it shall be. now ....... I am a visual artist and my blog has always been predominantly visual because that's what I do .....but in my day job as a school counsellor words are very important and a large part of my days are spent talking words or listening to words. so whilst here on my blog visuals will always predominate, words are important too, so I would like to focus a little on words somewhat for this month - on wednesdays. I have to say though that i have always been drawn to typeography, text, numbers and lettering in all its forms across many visual art forms. so for blogtoberfest wednesdays shall focus on words. stayed tuned for thursdays theme........

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