Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wednesday words

mental health and wellbeing. today I have been at training and these words were at the forefront of our day. how important are these factors in our daily lives? given the alarming forecast of predicted rates of depression and anxiety alone in coming years, I would say very important. looking after ourselves and finding support when the going gets tough are both really important to ensuring that we cope with challenges and find strategies to help us get through these times. for young people having a significant adult in their life can be the difference between falling into self destructive ways or coming through tough times well. if I can ask one thing of you today could it be that if you know a young person who needs a little support, someone to listen to them, or just a cuddle, smile or 'how are you today?' could you take a little of your time to be that person for them and show them that someone cares about how they are......please.

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